Manufacturing of masks, powders and cosmetic skincare in full turukey services - Technature


Renowned for its innovation capacity and for the high quality of its formulas (peel off masks, hydrogel patches, creams, gels…) Technature has also a strong production capability.

Manufacturing of masks, powders and cosmetic skincare


This industrial power enables us to meet the demands of important customers (cosmetic brands, beauty centers, etc.) located all around the globe, as part of a full turnkey manufacturing process, suited to all their specific needs.


8500m² industrial site dedicated to cosmetic production


Doubled production capacity in 2016 following merger of Laboratoires Science et Mer (expert in marine cosmetics).


An industrial site of 8,500 m²/9200 ft². It is divided into two locations:

  • The Dirinon site specializes in cosmetic powders manufacturing thanks to 7 mixers, including a machine able to handle 5 tons of material.
  • The Relecq-Kerhuon site specializes in skincare (creams, serums, lotions, gels) and also hydrogel patches and masks.


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