Triphase serum

Triphase serum

With this triphase serum, boost the radiance of your skin and your beauty routine.


Category: Face care
Colors: Light purple
Properties: Hydrate, Anti-ageing, Radiance
Texture: Serum
Cosmetic products: Targeted care
Reference: 1S0145A
Triphase serum
Triphase serum
Triphase serum
Triphase serum

Detailed description

This 3 in 1 booster, combines precious plant oil, emollients and anti-ageing active ingredients to fight against the first signs of time and provide a "healthy glow" effect to the skin.



Emollient and anti-ageing active ingredients, primrose oil, hazelnut oil, carrots oily maceration.



Mix the 3 phases to obtain the booster serum. Apply the serum once a day (in the morning or the evening) on the face and neck in a circular massage until absorbed, avoiding the eye contour.