Icy blue mask

Icy blue mask

98.3% of ingredients of natural origin.


Category: Face care
Colors: Blue
Properties: Anti-ageing
Texture: Gel, Powder
Masks: Powder mask
Reference: P00252A
Icy blue mask

Detailed description

Upon contact with water, this powder mask is transformed into an ultra-fresh blue gel. Its gel texture, spreads and leaves on the skin a fully frosted effect. Active ingredients, derived from seaweed in extreme weather conditions are incorporated in this formula to fade the first signs of time and provide a real breath of fresh air to the skin. 



Micro-algae of the Red Sea, moisturizing active ingredient, snow seaweed extract. 


Pour 50g of water into a bowl and add the bag of 10g of powder. Let stand for 1 minute then mix until a creamy gel is obtained. Allow to rest again and apply the mask in a thin layer on the face avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 10-15 minutes then rinse.


Precautions: Do not breathe dust.