Hydra+ SoftCell® mask

Hydra+ SoftCell® mask

SoftCell® is a new range of natural, high-quality and eco-friendly sheet masks. Its fine cellulose structure, from wood, has a high absorption capacity to release the serum during use. Second skin effect, this care fits perfectly the face contours and reveals its transparency. Softer than silk, this mask offers a facial high-end care.


Category: Face care
Colors: Transparent
Properties: Hydrate
Texture: Sheet
Reference: 1S0140A
Hydra+ SoftCell® mask
Hydra+ SoftCell® mask
Hydra+ SoftCell® mask
Hydra+ SoftCell® mask

Detailed description

Genuine boost, the Hydra+ mask immerses the skin into a bath of freshness. Thanks to its richness in sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, it maintains the natural moisture of the skin, fights against early signs of ageing and boosts collagen production.




Hyaluronic acid, moisturizing active ingredients



Open the sachet and extend the mask. Apply to the face on perfectly cleansed skin. Leave for 15 minutes then remove the mask. Gently massage excess serum.