Gold eyes patches

Gold eyes patches

The hydrogel eyes patches are made of naturals polymers named carrageenans. They are polysaccharides that constitute the cell walls of various red seaweeds. With its unique gel texture, they create a fresh filmogenic gel that spreads the incorporated ingredients. Like a second skin, they perfectly fit the eye contour area.


Category: Face care
Colors: Gold
Properties: Radiance
Texture: Hydrogel
Masks: Hydrogel mask
Reference: 7Y0019A
Gold eyes patches

Detailed description

Provide shine and light to your look with gold hydrogel eyes patches. This combination of nourishing and anti-ageing active ingredients fights against the first signs of ageing and regains softness and suppleness to eye area. The look seems relaxed, full of freshness and vitality.



Barley extract, sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera powder, gold. 


Open carefully the sachet. The eyes patches are placed between two transparent sheets. Remove the first sheet of protection and apply a patch under each eye. Gently press to make them adhereperfectly to the skin. Let it act 15 minutes and remove the patches.


Precautions for use: In case of eye contact, rinse with water.