Scented detox infusion for the bath

Scented detox infusion for the bath


Category: Body care
Colors: White, Transparent
Properties: Detox, Relax
Cosmetic products: Massage and balneo
Reference: 4P0036A
Scented detox infusion for the bath

Detailed description

This bath infusion is a unique experience that combines well-being and detox action. While the spirit escapes into an olfactory journey, the skin takes full advantage of the recognized benefits of green tea leaves and extracts of butterfly pea flower and cranberries. 


Ingredients :

Green tea leaves, Cranberries powder, Butterfly pea flower extract

Use :

Open the bag. Place the infusion in hot bath water (37 to 38°C).
Immerse yourself in the bathtub and enjoy its benefits.

Precautions for use : Do not breathe dust. Do not open the infusion bag. This product is not a food product. Do not swallow.

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