Shaker mask® Peel off pollution control

Shaker mask® Peel off pollution control

SHAKER MASK® is a range of instantaneous powder masks. In few seconds, with the shaker, powder and water unite in a mixed-flavour mask of fruits, plants or sweets.


Category: Face care
Colors: Grey
Properties: Purify, Detox
Texture: Powder, Peel off
Masks: Shaker mask®
Reference: H00045C
Shaker mask® Peel off pollution control

Detailed description

In contact with water, the shaker mask® Pollution control turns into a smooth cream which easily spreads on the skin. Charcoal with a great power of absorption, removes impurities, purifies and protects the skin.



Charcoal, anti pollution complex



Pour 60ml of water in the shaker and add the 15g of powder. Shake vigorously and apply the mask on the face by avoiding eye area. Leave on for 10 minutes and remove with a wet sponge.


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